4th batch

4th batch of coffee roasted

i am still using a hot plate and a pie tin, but i am thinking of buying a cast iron skillet or a wok to make my life a little easier.  the batch was roasted dark and carbonized.  i ground it up and brewed 12cups in the perk, and after a day or so i added the other ingredients for the developer.  it was cold when i mixed it so i had to make a water jacket to raise its temperature.  i filled a plastic bin with water and while i put the film on the metal reels, the coffee slowly got to usable temperature.

i poured water in the cylinders to wash off the backing on the film.  and after a few minutes poured the inky water out and the coffee in.  after 25-30 minutes i fixed the film and washed it, and hung it to dry.

i used kodak plus x and fuji across 100