Agfa Shur Shot

i was given an agfa shur shot camera years ago and didn’t use it much.  it is a box camera from the 1930s, a basic camera.

it isn’t the most well made camera, kind of made of cardboard and wood and it seems like it is going to break every time you change the film
because you have to pull out the wind knob but it seems to work OK just the same.

the other day i walked a few miles from my mechanic’s place, almost home, it was about 3 miles in all.  i took random photographs on discontinued kodak 120 ( plus x ) film.  sometimes i pressed the shutter and it fired at maybe 1/50th of a second, other times i put it on “time” and counted to maybe four or five.  when i got home and found the time ( maybe a week or two later ) i processed all the film in my usual film developer.  i use about 2L of perkolated sumatra coffee, and a few healthy pours of washing soda and vitamin C.  i also added some black, used and diminished ansco 130 paper developer dilute 1:10.  i wound the film on the metal reels, put it all in stainless steel tanks,
and poured in the developer to do its magic.  i left the room for about 1/2 hour and played a few games of solitaire ( canfield is my favorite )
and eventually i lost, and went to wash and fix the film.  it hung to dry from a string on the ceiling, and the next day when i found the time, i scanned the negatives, inverted them and began wondering what to do with these random frames from my walk.



sub station
sub station in color