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stuff for sale

i typically buy, and never sell,

its time to sell off some of my stuff


polaroid procam  untested, $50








pentax auto110 “kit”  $100
winder, tele, wide and normal lens, teleconverter
bunch of filters
bunch of film

everything here but a roll or 2 of film








toyo cx “KIT”

camera, recessed lens board, flat lens board, speed graphic to cx lensboard ( RARE, NOT MADE ANYMORE ) bag bellows  $800


4x5 camera, complete, less lens film, film holders








silver magnets – 70$








trickle tanks  – 216$








cameras made to order to make retina prints  ( prices vary ) $30 and up







reproductions of original photography ( )

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silver magnets for sale

i sell these on apug, the large format page site and to anyone who is interested before i started distributing these i worked for a company that sold silver recovery systems..

this was i the 1980s ..  they were very expensive.

i was amazed at how people just dump their fixer down the drain which is bad for the environment and bad for their pipes, and septic system so i looked into a cost effective way to reclaiming the silver.  the silver magnet is a small device that electro plates the silver onto a cathode.  it is the small version of the big 500$ machines i used to sell .  it works with spent fixer, not one shot fixer, or stuff that “hypo check” turns cloudy.  do a clip test, when it takes 2x the original clear time with fresh fixer it is time to use the magnet.  that mean when you have new-fresh fixer take a film leader and in room light see how long it takes to turn that film clip to see through plastic base if it takes 30 seconds ..  then when it takes 60 seconds to do the same thing.  i suggest people use 2 fixer baths both for film and for paper.  do the clip test with the film … double that clear time and split it between 2 baths  ( 30 seconds  … so 30 seconds each bath )  for paper, well, fix for what the manufacturer says to fix for (split it between 2 baths), but use the clip test to determine when the fix is exhausted with silver … you take your spent fixer put it into a plastic container ( those dollar store shoe boxes are great )  and you will see the lights turn on, and when it is in the fix 1 turns off.  when the 2nd light turns on again take the magnet out and your fixer will still have silver in it but not nearly as much as it did before.  i also sell trickle tanks that will remove nearly all the silver …  it uses a media tank full of steel wool and the spent fixer exchanges silver ions with iron ions … it can get you down to between 5 and 2 or below parts  / million.

oh, when the magnet is full of silver you mail it to a refiner and they send you a check for the silver.  they charge a fee, and  the silver on it is about 90% pure.  depending on who it is sent to, refining fees vary.  in the states if you mailed thr magnet to the refiner they might give you $1/troy ounce ans 1,75(90%) of the weight of the silver mailed to them. refiners in canada may give you about 68-69% for the weight of the cathode (in troy oz) and in england it is a bit different .. you will be charged a refining fee as well as the sample fee  (tests the silver for its purity). using the magnet will not make you rich, but it will help you reduce the silver you put into the waste stream



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I will be donating 50% of all profits to Hurricane Sandy Relief ( until 2013 )
I have 300+ images in my IMAGEKIND gallery ( )
thanks ~

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