contact prints

yesterday i put the paper negative in a frame and printed it.
i removed the lens from my enlarger and attached a contrast filter
to the lower post. i installed the “5+” and made my first test strip.
it was going to take about 40seconds of light.

the print developer i used was in two baths. one bath, the first bath, was the same coffee developer i have been using for 2 weeks now for processing prints. it takes about 2 minutes for the image to start to appear. then i switch the print to a developer 1/2 ansco 130 and 1/2 water for 1 minute
and back into the coffee until the image developed to completion.

the earlier post i made has an inverted scan of the paper negative.
it is sharper and a little different. it is a lot of fun to make and contact paper negatives.

unlike calotypes these paper negatives are not on thin/fine writing paper,
so they are not as crisp as they could be. i’ll be making more of these
negatives and contact prints in the days and weeks to come. some will be
on double weight paper, some will be on rc paper and some will be on single weight paper.