The past 14 years I have had a love affair with making cyanotypes. It all started when I was in the chatroom of a website I used to go to and a friend from Canada who made beautiful tea toned cyanotypes suggested I try to make some. I had young kids at the time and I wasn’t sure if I could really spent a huge amount of time learning another photographic process, but I bought the Bostick and Sullivan kit. It wasn’t expensive and it arrived a few days later. I didn’t get a chance to use it for a while later though. I brought the sealed kit overseas with me one summer and added water. Me and my father in law made cyanotypes on is driveway. It was fun and easy and that summer of 2008 was the beginning, I never stopped. I bought bulk chemistry from Bostick and Sullivan and Artcraft and a cheap small scale from amazon and I was on my way.

If you aren’t familiar with the “classic cyanotype process” it’s something that was invented in the 1840s by John Hershel, the person who told Fox Talbot about Hypo/Fixer to clear his salt prints. It is a simple process using 2 chemicals and water. Details can be found here on the alternative process photography website.

Here is one of the last ones I made

Classic Cyanotype, pond and fishes
Pond and Fish