I was there but it was different

I visited the island and was there. I had memories on my mind of past experiences and used a box camera to record the time spent as I walked on the path.

The sun was blazing hot. I could hear the water in the distance washing on the shore, the grass rustling in windless day. I set the camera up on a tripod and put the film holder in the camera back. I looked at the camera’s front and made sure it was on T, and pressed the button. I heard the guillotine blade move to the side allowing the image of the tree and path to shine on the paper. I looked at my watch.

After 6 minutes I closed the shutter and put the dark slide back in the film holder and continued making photographs. I took more photographs like this as I walked in the Fall sun. I photographed the trees, the grass, and the island. They were all long exposures and allowed more than just the Island to reflect on the paper and be documented.

When I returned to my studio I washed the paper in an alkali bath. The long exposed image was stabilized This was the first of the 4 steps in my process. I scanned and contact printed and scanned and added color to each of these plates and I realized the photographs were not what I remember photographing. They were of a different place that I couldn’t see.

photograph of the interior of the island from the path
photograph of the interior of the island from the path