Its been .. forever

Yeah I know it has been forever since I wrote something here. I have a few excuses, but the long and short of it is that my life was turned upside down and I never got back to this.

Im here now, Im not sure when the next tine I post again will be .. no time like the present…

I ended up going back to school. I’m not a spring chicken ( in my 50s ) so getting the cobwebs out took time. I went to my local community college thinking I was going to get an associates degree to be an X-ray technician or diagnosis sonographer ( CCRI ). great program ! I went to Tufts University and Boston University, and maybe it was that I cared more beause I was a returning student ( READ: OLD ) but the classes I took ( advance Algebra, Anatomy, Physics,English X-Ray … ) were fantastic and the teachers were absolutely amazing. My path changed and I ended up going to Lesley University ( ) and I am finishing my first year. Its not easy but worth ever penny. The teachers are fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with what have chosen to do. I should have probably gotten my MFA back when I was in my 20s but Im that much more experienced now, and it helps.

Author: jnanian

i am a freelance photographer in rhode island, usa. i use a variety of cameras ( film and digital ) and even shoot hand coated paper negatives and glass plates. i use caffenol developers... roast my own instead of using instant coffee and i sell silver recovery units. ( silver magnets ).