latest fun

i have hundreds of frames and sheets of film exposed from years of photographing out the car window.
i really enjoy the movement and effect of a slow shutter speed, how what is farther away from the shutter is more static
and what is close is a streak of color or hue like a brush stroke.


all the film was 35mm film, stand processed ( no agitation ) using a coffee based developer and a few oz of ansco 130.
the film was scanned, and minimal photoshop editing was done.  i barely adjust contrast and levels.  i did cut and paste though.


lately i have started to make patterns with some of my scanned negatives.  i could easily do this in the darkroom
it is just a matter of masking off the paper, flipping the negative and exposing the paper a second or third &c time.
it is fun and easy to do in photoshop too.




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i often give a percentage of the proftits from every sale to charity.