occupasusatuxet cove ( paswonquitte )

behind where i live is the cove
the real name for it is occupasusatuxet cove ( paswonquitte )
which means  -small cove on tidewater –
it is an inlet on narragansett bay.
low tide it is a mudflat, high tide …
salt marsh and thatch
some say you can see the ribs of boats run aground
i didn’t see much low or high tide ..
i walked through the thick briars and followed the stream where the large turtles climb up.
the grass was thick and wet
and the water was high

this is from a developing series
multiple images using a 4×5 box camera
( and eventually other things )
printed and presented together.
this groups is both tmx and tmy processed in coffee, in a tray .. all 16 views.

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