Providence RI Office Buildings

I sometimes wander around with a graflex slr and make some exposures. These were made around 2006, I was searching for one photograph and I found others, it always works out that way, whether it is wandering with a camera or wandering in my files .

The low down is these negatives were developed in paper developer. 1:6 for around 8ish minutes. The edges of the film look like they were developed in an FR Developing tank, and had a few developing issues. Pretty common with a FR Developing tank.

Office Buildings, facades spiral staircase and fenestration.  Ansco 130 Paper Developer
Views of 4 office buildings in Providence RI

Author: jnanian

I am a Freelance Photographer in Rhode Island. I make photographs using a variety of methods with and without a camera. I make photo emulsions from scratch, I coat my own photo paper and make cyanotypes too. I am a huge fan of Caffenol, and instead of instant coffee, I roast my own beans and sell them. I also sell silver recovery products.