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5th batch, made the coffee, drank the coffee then processed the film in it.

if you ever go to apug.org, you have read this already.

a few nights ago it was cold, batch 5 was cooked up and roasted to a not light, and not dark color.
it slept overnight in a glass jar, i think it once was a jelly jar, it was there so i used it.
i grabbed my mortar and pestle and threw a few beans in, then a few more and i began to crush them.
i realized from my first batch, that the fewer the beans the easier it is to crush them
so i took my time and threw a few beans at a time and pulverized them so they were probably a fine grind
if i were to judge by a burr grinder.
the powder was dumped out into a small tray and i added a few more beans.
they cracked and jumped out sometimes, they were hard and brittle.
i had been “trained” for many years to believe robusta beans were not very good
i was told they smelled bad when they were roasted, and the caffeine was harsh and jittery.

i looked at the beans as they powdered up and they didn’t look too bad.
they didn’t smell bad when they roasted either, but still i had to wonder how they were going to taste.

i was told by my bean-guy, a local master coffee roaster and all around guru they were from sumatra
and the people who were drinking it 4 or 5 years ago, well they never complained.
so at least these old, stale dry brittle beans had something going for them, besides working great as a film developer

i looked for my jezvah and threw a few teaspoons in.
i used to always drink turkish/greek/armenian/near eastern coffee and i love the process.

the stove was on and the powder hissed as it dried out a little bit on the.
i added the water, and waited.
i stirred a little
i waited some more.

slowly the bubbles formed and it rose the first time
i removed it from the heat and thought, 2 more times ..

the second time …

and the third time came and went as the other two.

i took the jezvah off the burner and let it sit while i sought a small cup and its saucer.
i poured it in and it smelled delicious.
i put a half teaspoon of sugar in it and stirred.

some people add as much sugar as coffee when they cook it.
i usually drink my coffee black but i was living it up so why not …

first i smelled it as it steamed.
floral, sweet earthy

i closed my eyes and took my first sip.

it was as delicious as it smelled.

when i was done, i photographed the jezvah, and turned the cup upside down to read it.
i turned it 3times and popped it from the plate.
thumbprint on the bottom and i looked
and looked and this is what i saw …

hills and mountains
birds flying over head
and the sun.

i put my jacket on an with the strength of 10 men, i shoveled some more of the driveway.
the birds flew overhead
as i moved mountains in the sun.

later, i spooled my film and it too drank from the same roast.
this is what it told me.













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5th batch, inside

tonight i decided to roast the beans on the stove, window open in a wok.
it was cold and snowy outside, so i opened the window and put the fan on.
the beans are old, so a lot of the moisture has left them, and as i roasted them,
i noticed some roasting faster than others.  i roasted-on …

first crack, second crack …

they are brown, dark brown,not black and carbonized.
when i have some film to process i will see how it works.

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4th batch

4th batch of coffee roasted

i am still using a hot plate and a pie tin, but i am thinking of buying a cast iron skillet or a wok to make my life a little easier.  the batch was roasted dark and carbonized.  i ground it up and brewed 12cups in the perk, and after a day or so i added the other ingredients for the developer.  it was cold when i mixed it so i had to make a water jacket to raise its temperature.  i filled a plastic bin with water and while i put the film on the metal reels, the coffee slowly got to usable temperature.

i poured water in the cylinders to wash off the backing on the film.  and after a few minutes poured the inky water out and the coffee in.  after 25-30 minutes i fixed the film and washed it, and hung it to dry.

i used kodak plus x and fuji across 100


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