The overpasses

We pass this stretch of road every day.

The road brings people on and off and down, and up and over. Concrete and metal and sometimes there is dead grass and trees. I pass the area a few times a day and took a snapshot of it yesterday

Cars behind me wishing I would go at the light, but they were patient. I took a few frames and spaced them together to one. I did photoshop magic and then thanked that guy who invented the cyanotype John Hershel for letting me have so much fun.

Out in the sun I paired 2 negatives and the sun went in and out of the clouds just right, and I washed and used a little washing soda, maybe a little too much. I soaked in caffenol for a little while and blackened the image a tiny bit.

It hung on the line until just a few minutes ago when I peeked and scanned it. I’ve been having such bad luck I thought it was going to vanish and be one of those prints .. I tweaked it a little with photoshop after I separated the one from the other and here it is.

dots and black and white and blue.