the trees

I was there today, but I didn’t leave where I was. Photography has a way of doing that, transporting us to a different time and place like listing to a record or CD you are there.

I was procrastinating today. I was supposed to be doing something but doing something else. I dug through some negatives and files I hadn’t looked at in a long time trying to make sense of things, trying to figure out what I am doing today by looking at yesterday.

I found a file dump of images I really haven’t looked at in a year and 1/2. Some of them glowed and it reminded me of a few years ago.

I spent a lot of time on this island a few miles from where I live. To most people it’s pretty ordinary. People love to fish there, hunt ducks, walk their dog, just relax. It’s a nice place riddled with memory. It’s filled with it’s past, and it’s distant past.

I think the place is someplace special, I’ve explained it to friends but they go there and kind of just shrug, it’s not easy even using photography to show how a place is like, well .. imagine being in the middle of a dream where you could float and the trees could dance and the birds talk to you, .. imagine a place where you take photographs of a tree and rocks but seascape appears after you depress the shutter, or when you make photograms words in a language you don’t even know appear and offer a message ..

Today I was looking at some old photographs and found this one

it reminded me of the trees glistening in the summer sun swinging and swaying on a windless day. …


Author: jnanian

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