what the heck is a photograph, really ..

from time to time i get asked what is a photograph.

i sometimes know how to answer, i know what i was told, and taught.   i know what i know, i think.

sometimes i have to throw everything i was taught out the window and thing about the word:  photograph/

photo  graph

light  drawing

it really seems pretty easy to figure out.  i guess it is a drawing made with light.

can it be done with a digital camera or does it need something else  ?

it can be done with anything as far as * I * am concerned  ..  even cheap construction paper !


today i made a photograph with a scrap of xerox paper.  its the cheap stuff  …  nothing fancy.
i made a rubbing with a pencil and then rubbed wax on it to make it sort of see through.
i took this waxed paper rubbing and contact printed it onto a piece of velum paper coated wtih
cyanotype chemistry  …  stuck it in a printing frame, and in the sun for about an hour.


i took the print all greenish and milky and rinsed it in water.  the print was now
blue and white …  so i took a solution of sodium carbonate, the same sodium carbonate
i use for caffenol, and i brushed it on the print to lighten the tones and bleach the blues to white …
and  then paint the picture until it looked like this


blue and green
rubbed cyanotype