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I’ve been making photos of one sort or another since I was 4 years old and was given a hand-me-down camera. When I was in high school began taking formal classes in photography (composition, developing, printing). In college this continued and in addition to mainstream camera work (store bought film and paper) I started to learn about Alternative Process Photography, and began coating glass plates and even made my own photo emulsion (from scratch, no internet no help!), and since about 1986 I have made photographs for others (I’ve always made photographs for myself ). I’ve photographed for museums, archives, libraries, architects, newspapers, magazines, churches, regular people too. I recently went back and finished school again during-Covid. As you have read in previous posts in this blog I’ve been making emulsion, cyanotypes, hand coloring and other things for a while, school helped me refine and think about what I was doing a bit more critically.

If you want to learn how to do your thing a bit more effectively or critically, if you want to learn how to develop film, load a film reel, make a camera, shoot a box camera, coat photo paper, make a sun print or cyanotype, make and use coffee developer, make a digital negative, use your phone (or point and shoot, or Dslr ) more effectively, even make small hand stitched books let me know I’d be happy to teach you what I know.

While having images on your phone or computer screen is fun (YES! I know how much fun that is 🙂 ) having a physical object to hold, show friends/family, frame, mail to people, keep in a wallet, put on the wall or in your desk, lose and find, or whatever, is even more fun. In person if you are local I’d meet you in the public library, far away, we can figure something out.

Author: jnanian

I am a Freelance Photographer in Rhode Island. I make photographs using a variety of methods with and without a camera. I make photo emulsions from scratch, I coat my own photo paper and make cyanotypes too. I am a huge fan of Caffenol, and instead of instant coffee, I roast my own beans and sell them. I also sell silver recovery products.