yesterday I was drying a big sheet of paper with emulsion on it. I had coated some tracing paper to see if I could figure out the best way to coat and expose it, but it didn’t work the way I had expected.

for the tracing paper I brush coated some gelatin on the paper and let it air dry, then I melted down a little emulsion I had in a small plastic jar. 1 coat each page, I should probably try it again with 2 coats maybe that would help but I don’t think so. tracing paper isn’t really very flat, it’s wavy and seems to have a texture. I should have remembered this from the last time I did it. I actually did remember that but I was using a different brand, and it really didn’t matter. I also coated some Bristol paper. it’s nice and dense and I love using that stuff. I put 1 coat on it and hung it to dry.

after exposing the tracing paper and unsuccessfully developing no image on it. I got the paper cutter out and trimmed the pages down to 4×5 and loaded the camera. I did some time based exposures like I like to do and developed the negatives.

I had 4 images that I let air dry and I worked with them

I like look down when I’m on a ski lift and notice the tracks in the snow

some of the prints remind me of that