I have nearly three decades of experience as a photographer and I’m available for hire for one-on-one instruction, group lessons, portrait sessions, assignment photography, and other photography related work. Below are some services that I’ve provided in the past for clients. If you would like to know more about any of my services or have another need that I may be of use for, please drop me a line from my contact page.

Editorial Assignments

I’ve been taking photos for magazines, newspapers, and websites for almost 30 years. I handle a wide range of assignments.

Architectural / Interiors / Historial Preservation

I’m a trained historic preservation consultant. I’ll compile detailed written reports and perform archival photography for mitigation as well as environmental, archaeological, and HABS/HAER section-106 reports, national register reports, and historic structure reports.

My work is found in public and private collections, libraries, and federal and state archives. I am one of the few photographers in the New England region who still uses large format film for HABS assignments.

Portrait Sessions

Personal photos for families, individuals, and companies. You can choose a contemporary style of portrait or we can mix things up by using vintage lenses and other pieces of specialty equipment.

Darkroom Instruction

Hand processing techniques for developing negatives for color or black and white photography.

Photography Lessons

Beginner to advanced use of any camera (film or digital) from small point and shoot cameras to large format cameras.

Dry Plating Techniques

Mastering the skills required to treat your own glass negative plates for negative (film) photography.

Prints, Decorations, and Photobooks

Prints of my work is available for purchase in all sizes through my Imagekind online store. I’ve also assembled hand stitched photobooks for clients before.


If you have a special decorative piece in mind or an assignment that requires the skills of an expert photographer, I’m available in whatever capacity you need.